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Alden Hills organic farms

Local | Grassfed | Organic


Alden Hills Organic Farms is a family farm located in Walworth, WI near the southern shore of beautiful Lake Geneva. 

Alden Hills Organic Farms has one mission: to provide you and your family with the healthiest, highest-quality pastured meat that we can produce. We specialize in grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, eggs, garlic and popcorn. 

We are a firm believer that wholly nourishing food comes from building a farm eco-system from the soil up, and because of this we have all of our acreage either MOSA Certified Organic or in the process of being certified. We believe that the best way we can provide you with the highest quality food is by offering USDA Certified Organic eggs, chicken, and 100% grass-fed beef.



N237 Alden Road

Walworth, WI 53184


(262) 275-1070

FARM Store

Open every Friday 11-6 & Saturday 9-3


Farm Store open for pickups all week! Call 262-275-1070 to schedule a stop-in. 

Farmers Market

Northbrook - Wednesdays 

Green City Wrigleyville - Thursdays 

Lake Forest - Saturdays