Our farming practices

Choosing to be Certified Organic is not always an easy decision but it's an important tenet for our farm. The reason we have chosen to be Certified Organic is simple, we believe that receiving a USDA seal of approval stands for something. It means that we are making a covenant with our customers to be held accountable. Our farm undergoes 3rd party audits and assessments so that you, the purchaser, can have confidence that our products truly are Organically raised and truly GMO-free. Many farms say that they practice Organic farming methods, but receiving outside inspections is the only way to guarantee it.

There are many documented benefits of farming Organically, but the most important to us are creating a healthy farm and removing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) from the food chain. Eliminating the use of pesticides strengthens our soil and allows for the natural bio-diversity that fosters vigorous pastures and fields. We believe that the most responsible way to care for our environment is by taking a proactive approach as opposed to treating problems after they emerge with the use of pesticides. We also believe that GMOs can be incredibly harmful to both the environment and the human body, for this reason at Alden Hills Organic Farms we refuse to use any GMOs in our feed or seeds.

Belted Galloways

Belted Galloways

Grass-fed beef

Alden Hills Organic Farms raises grass-fed and grass-finished Belted Galloways. This hardy breed is perfectly suited to our cold Wisconsin climate. We feed our cows new grass daily so they never ingest feeds that are full of un-digestible genetically modified grains.

              Health – Grass-fed beef has been shown in studies to have lower "bad" fat levels while having more “good” fats (like Omega-3s) than corn-fed beef.  Belted Galloways also produce one of the leanest fatty profiles possible for beef. 

                Taste – Grass-fed beef offers juicy, flavorful, and tender beef. All of these qualities are accentuated by the exceptionally lean Belted Galloway breed. 

               Humane Treatment – Beef that isn’t pumped full of supplements, hormones, and genetically modified grains is better for you and the animal. Cows raised on fresh pasture do not suffer as many sicknesses as cows that are kept in confinement lots. 

Pastured Chickens

Pastured Chickens

Pastured poultry

Our chickens and turkeys are raised on open pasture where they can feed on grasses and insects. We believe that access to nature makes our poultry taste phenomenal and also ensures that we are raising the healthiest meat for you.

Our laying chickens are fed a Certified Organic feed that we have specially milled to include flax, kelp and other nutrients. This combination, along with sunshine and grass, results in a vibrant orange yolk!

Garlic Scapes 

Garlic Scapes 

Specialty Items

We offer seasonal specialties such as gourmet garlics and popcorn

Our popcorn is a small hulled kernel that comes from Certified Organic, non-gmo seed and has a rich popcorn flavor! 

Garlic is available seasonally. We offer various varieties for all your cooking needs!