Newsletter March 2017: Young Growth

Well, preliminary steps for the season are getting started on the farm…we received 325 new layer chicks in February. Usually starting chicks this early is more of a gamble but with the warm weather it’s been perfect. We expect the new birds to be ready to lay by summer so there will be a lot more of Elle’s Eggs to go around!

Emily and I had the chance to go to the MOSES Organic farming conference in La Crosse, WI last weekend. The Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Services (MOSES) conference is held annually and is always full of great information, new insights, and networking opportunities. It’s encouraging to talk with other farmers who are passionate about the same things and recharge. I feel like I am ready for the 2017 season to get started already! One thing that Emily and I especially noticed was how young most of the farmers at MOSES were. The average age of an American farmer is 58 years old (!) but that’s not the case in Organic farming. In fact, I’ve heard that the average age of an Organic farmer is somewhere in the low thirties…which is quite the margin! The Organic food community is exploding with new farmers who want to return to caring for the land and making a mark on their local communities by providing the most nutritious and cleanest food. The same can be said for chefs as well; there is an entire food network that is breaking away from the way things had been done and seeking to work with local farmers in providing the best quality of product and food experiences possible.

The youth in sustainable farming is both very encouraging and very inspiring. There is an entire generation of farmers committed to growing and proving that food can be grown without harmful chemicals. This generation of farmers and chefs are literally changing the way that food is eaten and experienced…. And that excites me! At Alden Hills we remain passionate about farming sustainably, continuing to care and restore the land, and providing our animals with a healthy and ideal environment so that we can provide you with most nutritious, clean food—food that you can feel good about feeding your families. That’s our commitment to you.


Levi & Emily Powers